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1. Introduction

Nordic Executive Medicine AB, org. no. 559076–6381 is responsible for personal data,
as we process personal data in the business operations. This Privacy policy is available to communicate how we handle personal data. Before further details, we want to highlight three points that form the basis of our approach. The points are important to us because we know they are important to you:

  • We want to clarify the responsibilities for protecting your rights and your privacy.
  • We explain how we use the personal data you share with us, to offer you our Products and give you the best possible experience when you are in contact with us and use our Products.
  • This document shall give you an understanding of what data we collect and what we do, and do not do, with it.

2. Parties and responsibility for the processing of personal data

Nordic Executive Medicine AB, org. no. 559076–6381, hereinafter also referred to as “NEM”, “The Company”, “We”, “Us” or “Our” is a supplier of medical goods and services “Products”, to both private and corporate customers. NEM is responsible for the processing of personal data you provide NEM, using the Products that We offer.

“You” or “Customer” is the legal person at NEM, to whom the Products are delivered, which can be private individuals, companies, health centers, small and large hospitals, occupational health care units, staffing companies, etc. You as a customer have your contact information registered with us, so that we can deliver the Products to you in accordance with the applicable agreement. The Company is responsible for processing the personal data you share with us when You:

  • use and order Products from NEM
  • enter an agreement with NEM and become a customer
  • register as a contact person with NEM on behalf of yourself, an organization, or a close relative
  • have a question and/or contact us via a communication channel
  • visits our website and accepts cookies

3. What personal data do we process about you?

When you order the Products, we collect contact information about you. If you as an individual are part of an active agreement with us, we hold personal information about you. The scope of the personal data varies depending on the Products you buy from us.

If you contact us in any matter, the amount and category of personal data may vary depending on which communication channel is used and what information you provide to us in connection with the contact.

As a registered care provider under the supervision of the Swedish Health and Social Care Inspectorate, IVO (IVO-ID Org-2019-00017456), we encounter sensitive personal data in the form of health information (medical records, health data, etc.). In order to be able to process this information in accordance with current law and to meet the National Board of Health and Welfare’s (Socialstyrelsens) requirements, we use encrypted patient record systems in everyday clinical practice.

The processing of sensitive personal data, such as patient data, only takes place after you share this personal data with us. This personal information may be obtained by NEM orally, in writing and when using NEM’s Products. As a customer, you give us the right to process this personal data through your consent.

4. Why do we process your personal data?

NEM collects data about you as a customer, to be able to handle your order, create and improve the business relationship, collect expressions of interest, marketing, statistical purposes, to be able to invoice you, as a basis according to the Accounting Act, to identify you and to be able to offer you as a customer the best possible care based on your patient data.

We use subcontractors in order to increase the security of the processing of your personal data. As a private healthcare provider, we are obliged to follow the same secrecy and duty of confidentiality as public healthcare. As a result, we have established routines for handling sensitive and confidential personal data. We also follow the guidelines that apply to quality assurance and quality development for care providers, specified by the National Board of Health and Welfare (SOSFS 2005: 12).

NEM also complies with the Swedish laws, rules and regulations that apply to the handling of sensitive personal data. All staff at NEM must consider the laws and regulations that apply to licensed staff in the Swedish health care system. All personnel categories are covered by secrecy towards individual customers and are, where applicable, legitimized by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

We also process personal data in order to be able to perform evaluations and follow-ups of customer satisfaction. When you contact us via a communication channel, the information about you is used to handle the specific matter, to be able to contact you and contribute to improving our service.

5. Who do we share personal information with?

We do not share personal data with third parties for any purpose other than to ensure and improve the quality of NEM’s products, improve our ability to process your personal data in a secure manner, and after we have received consent from the individual to share personal information for other purposes. The latter can, for example, concern helping the customer get in touch with another care provider, partner, or sub-consultant to NEM, via, for example, a referral that contains relevant information, including sensitive personal data. The processing of your personal data regarding storage and structuring takes place in systems that are encrypted.

6. How long do we store your personal information?

NEM stores personal data about you as a customer, if you are covered by an active agreement, or when it is necessary to achieve the purposes described in the specific agreement, or this privacy policy. Upon termination of the agreement, your information may be saved for a period thereafter. The length and scope of how NEM save these, depends on the relationship you had with NEM. Your information may be stored for a longer period, for the purpose of tracking payment history in accordance with the Accounting Act for example. Sensitive personal data such as patient records are stored for as long as laws and regulations require and/or allow it, so that we as care providers can fulfill our obligations to, for example, the Patient Safety Act, IVO and the National Board of Health and Welfare.

7. What rights do you have?

If you visit NEM’s website you will be given the opportunity to decide the use of cookies. If you accept cookies, you agree to the processing of your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you are registered with NEM, you have several rights that you should be aware of. You have the right to request a transcript of what information is registered about you, including sensitive personal data such as medical records and other patient information concerning you.

In some cases, you also have the right to data portability of your personal information. You have the right to have your personal information corrected if it is incorrect, incomplete or misleading and the right to limit the processing of personal information until they are changed. You may have the right to be removed from our registers, but deletion of personal data can not take place if it is required to fulfill the agreement or if other Swedish or European law, court or authority decisions say otherwise, and if it is based on balancing interests. Should you think that there are no justifiable reasons, or that the balance of interests is incorrect, you have the right to object to our conduct. You also have the right to revoke a given consent, submit a complaint of our processing to the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, oppose automatic decision-making, profiling, and object to direct marketing.

For those of you with sensitive personal data registered with us or a third-party through your association with NEM, you have additional rights. As a customer, you have the right to know who has read your journal and when it has happened. You also have the right to block your medical records, so they are not passed on to any other care provider and you have the right to have dissenting opinions noted in your patient records with us. Only healthcare professionals who participate in your care have the right to access your patient records. Your personal data is designed and processed in such a way that your privacy and security are protected and strengthened. Your patient information is handled and stored so that unauthorized persons do not have access to it.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

NEM reserves the right to change the privacy policy. In the event of such changes, you as a Customer will be informed via the website or by e-mail. By continuing to use NEM’s Products, you accept the changed conditions.

9. If you want to know more

If you have questions about this policy and the processing of your personal data, want to delete or change incorrect data or want a transcript of our subcontractors who process personal data, you can contact us through the contact information available on NEM’s website.