Tracking sleep patterns with Oura

//Tracking sleep patterns with Oura

Tracking sleep patterns with Oura

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Author: Dr. Mahir Vazda M.D.

We have been using the Oura ring to track sleep patterns at NEM since last year. Having tried out various products available on the market, we can conclude that the Oura ring is the best available product out there. We have no affiliation to Oura and have nothing to disclose. We simply believe that Oura provides the most accurate algorithms for sleep monitoring and lately we have seen dramatic improvements in the sleep health of our members – by using the data provided by the Oura ring. Therefore, it’s no surprise for us to hear that Oura and the University of California,
San Francisco (UCSF) have partnered up to conduct a clinical study, to see whether the ring can help in the early detection of COVID19, by following the readings that the ring displays, coupled with other signals. 

The TemPredict Study

Oura ring tracks a user’s body temperature continuously, as well as sleep patterns, heart rate and activity levels. Fever is a common and early symptom that could indicate COVID-19, and a continuously updated body temperature reading could detect fever very early. That’s not enough to confirm a case of COVID-19, of course, but the purpose of the study is to determine whether the range of readings that the ring tracks might, taken together and with other signals, be useful in some kind of early detection effort. The study will focus on 2,000 frontline healthcare professionals that will get Oura rings to wear during the study. 

Being able to detect the presence of the virus in an individual early is key to global containment efforts, but even more important when it comes to frontline healthcare workers. The earlier a frontline responder is diagnosed, the less chance that they expose their colleagues or others they’re working around in close quarters. In addition to the Oura rings being provided to study participants, the plan is to expand it to include Oura’s general user population, meaning its more than 150,000 global users can participate and add to the overall pool of available information with their ring’s readings and daily symptom surveys. For existing Oura users, it’s a relatively low-lift way to contribute to the global effort to combat the pandemic — without even leaving the house.

All current Oura ring wearers can participate in the study through their Oura app – and our members have already started to contribute by participating in the study. If you are interested in tracking your sleep patterns in order to optimize your health and to improve your wellbeing, NEM offers several services related to health improvement and increased healthspans. Contact us to find out more.


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