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Metformin – Aging and the “Miracle” drug

Metformin - Aging and the “Miracle” drug The drug Metformin has had a lot of buzz around it ever since it was announced that trials would be done to try and name it the world’s [...]

Interview with Nordic freediving champion Li Karlsén

Li Karlsén Interview   Li Karlsén is a Captain, Coach, and NEM sponsored athlete. After years in the Swedish army, she is now working as the Head of Security for the women’s rights organisation Kvinna [...]

The hallmarks of aging, part four

The hallmarks of aging, part four This is the final part in our hallmarks of aging series, and focuses on the final two hallmarks that contribute to the body's decline. Stem Cell Exhaustion As we [...]

The health benefits of cold water swimming

Cold water swimming The Swedish concept of a Kallbad looks like lunacy to anyone not from Scandinavia. How on earth could diving into a freezing cold lake of water be pleasurable?! Well it turns out [...]

The hallmarks of aging, part three

Hallmarks of Aging, part three The second set of hallmarks are the antagonistic ones. For most of our life, these processes are beneficial, but as we age they start to become damaging.  Deregulated nutrient sensing [...]

Scientific Profile – Judith Campisi

Judith Campisi   For all that we at NEM talk about aging and healthcare, people rarely can put a face to the researchers that make these scientific breakthroughs possible. Through our scientific profiles, we will [...]

The hallmarks of aging, part two

Introduction This article is the second in our series on the research paper “The Hallmarks of Aging”, and covers the remaining three of the primary damage causing hallmarks (1). Some of the terminology used here [...]

The hallmarks of aging, part one

Hallmarks of Aging We want to bring you the best and most recent research into healthcare and aging. However, the level of background knowledge needed to understand a biological paper can be intense and off-putting; [...]

Can we reverse aging?

Can we reverse aging? We will continue our topic on aging but shift attention to prolonging healthspan and even reversing aging - is that something possible? In our previous article, we explored the current [...]

What does it mean to age?

What is aging? At NEM we talk a lot about lifespan and healthspan and how we should proceed in order to live long and meaningful lives in good health - but what does it [...]

Get access to the latest technology

Get access to the latest technology The medtech industry is evolving at a rapid pace producing groundbreaking components to help us improve our lifestyles and healthspan. From watches and rings to sleep tracking [...]

Understanding our method

Understanding our method Nordic Executive Medicine consists of these four concepts, which together accounts for a best practice model for health and performance. Being a part of Nordic Executive Medicine will enable your true [...]

Learn more about our model

Learn more about our model Over the years, we at NEM have gained extensive experience in helping business leaders and high performance individuals to achieve their goals in life and work by optimizing their [...]

Cutting edge medicine

Cutting edge medicine The precise path to your highest expression of health is encoded in your DNA. While DNA sequences do not change, the expression of DNA does change – and is dependent [...]

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