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This is NEM

Your care team – best in class medical experts.

Our dedicated Care Teams are led by highly-skilled doctors with advanced medical training and expertise in lifestyle management and comprehensive testing.

  • Licensed physician 
  • Licensed biomedical scientists
  • Fully compliant QMS

NEM is an outcome of how broken the healthcare system is today. The lack of good communication between care providers and the absence of seamless connectivity between important medical areas, have led to the development of a system that is both unnecessary complex and ultimately reactive. As a result, it has become easier to overprescribe drugs rather than focusing on a patient centred model that maintains health.

However at NEM, we believe that physicians should be trained to think first and foremost about the health and wellness of the patient. Medicine should put lifestyle and prevention on the front lines of healthcare, while simultaneously allowing individuals to make smart and data-driven choices about their individual wellbeing. We should do more to prevent diseases instead of alleviating symptoms once irreversible damage has occured.

“NEM started out as an idea to provide my patients with the best possible medical care. With the help of like-minded entrepreneurs, my passion for the art of medicine and modern technology has transformed into a unique platform that will help many persons in the years to come. I am grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to help my patients lead better and healthier lives – and I am humbled to be a part of a team that will help to shape the healthcare of tomorrow.”

Dr. Mahir Vazda M.D.

Specialist of Internal Medicine


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