Learn more about our model

Learn more about our model

Over the years, we at NEM have gained extensive experience in helping business leaders and high performance individuals to achieve their goals in life and work by optimizing their physical and mental health.

Our physicians are trained in developing health plans to prevent, treat and even reverse chronic diseases, by addressing their underlying causes. Find out the best way to maintain your health and to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

    1. Getting to know you and your health
      You will receive the latest medical technology, get access to the health app summarizing all your data and lets you communicate easily with your doctor.
    2. In-depth testing and trend analysis
      You will receive a personal doctor that will do a thorough health examination containing blood samples, DNA test as well as a health questionnaire.
    3. Personalized medical plan
      Now all the fun begins! Based on your results, we will create a personalised health plan based on your individual goals, health, deficiencies and risk factors. If you have any symptoms, such as IBS, skin problems, stress, hormones we will help you get to the bottom of your issues creating the symptoms.You will receive the supplements with the exact dosage that your body requires, everyone is unique and your supplement needs to be as well.
    4. Continuous health maintenance
      Every quarter you will have a planned call with your doctor examining your data and results. We will continuously alter your health plan based on your body in order to optimize your health further. We call this health maintenance!

    If needed, your doctor is there for you 24/7 to answer your questions about your health. Communicate directly with your own personal doctor and skip those long and energy draining queues to end up with a doctor who does not know your medical history.