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Why NEM?

Your perfect partner in precision medical services

In order to lower the cost of sick leave and to drive up productivity, your employees and businesses must perform at their best. Our custom made health programs are here to make sure of that.


Our first mission is to measure health data to establish baseline parameters for our members. We focus on analyzing DNA, lab tests, examining mental and physical health and overall cardiovascular fitness. We strive to always employ the latest scientifically verified methods, in order to stay one step ahead of disease.


Our further mission is to get to know our members by tracking their data over a long period of time. We analyze sleep patterns, heart rate, body metabolism, mitochondrial health and general health progression through our mutual  efforts. We are thus able to identify any irregularities much earlier than general medical clinics, which could be life saving.


Our members (and their families) have a direct connection to their personal doctor, accessible 24/7. Having fully mapped our clients medical history, we are able to provide tailored  medical services and offer our help with the utmost discretion.


Each patient is unique and should be treated as such. At NEM we are proud in delivering world-class medical recommendations based on aggregated individual findings. By coupling personal knowledge to the insights of data tracking, we can do it better than anyone.


Optimizing healthspan and human performance using cutting edge medicine and scientific research.

The Problem

Treatment is mostly reactive and focused on preventable symptoms

Same treatments for different bodies and minds

Aging is a cause of many diseases and is considered inevitable

The Solution

Ageing optimization through an integrated and interdisciplinary approach

Early health screening and prevent disease outbreak

Precision medicine with 24/7 physician concierge services


Dr. Mahir Vazda M.D
Dr. Mahir Vazda M.DMental health & Metabolic disorders Internal medicine
Dr. Ali Sarati M.D
Dr. Ali Sarati M.DOrthopaedics & Clinical physiology
Dr. Joseph Said M.D
Dr. Joseph Said M.DOphthalmology
Sara Vazda
Sara VazdaHead of Quality
Sophie Sörquist
Sophie SörquistProject coordinator
Amanda Hagman
Amanda HagmanKey Account Manager
Alexander Bodén
Alexander Bodén Data Scientist
William Moulod
William MoulodHead of Sales & Marketing

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Preformance medicine for esports athletes The first esports medicine clinic in the Nordics focusing entirely on professional players, teams and digital creators. Giving esports the same recognition as any other sport gets.

The Problem

Computer vision syndrome

Metabolic dysregulation, stress and sleep disorders

Other common physical complaints

  • Eye fatigue (56%)
  • Neck and back pain (42%)
  • Wrist pain (36%)
  • Hand pain (32%)

The Solution

Enhanced in-game performance, physical and mental health through precision medicine

Prevention of esports burnout and promotion of a good work-life balance

Management of lifestyle riskfactors

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